2015 – 2018

FOUNDER & CEO – KP Creative Agency – Seoul, South Korea + Partner at OMA SPACE – Seoul – Korea

Consulting / Projects Development and Production / Trends research

2017 – 2018 (current) – Partner –Development– Art direction at OMA SPACE – Seoul

Textiles & Crafts studio (Fashion + Art & Design + Interior Design) – International development, art direction in collaboration with Korean artist Oma, OMA SPACE founder.

Shows :

London Crafts Week – Livingstone Stduio – LONDON – May 9th to 12th – 2018
Collect Open – Saatchi Gallery – British Crafts Council – LONDON – Feb 22 to 25th 2018
Holiday Experience and NY Fashion Week – Donna Karan Urban Zen – NEW YORK – December 2017 / March 2018
Art By Hand – Philadephia Museum of Art – PHILADELPHIA Nov 2017
Workshop and sourcing – Koleksyon Design Foundation – BODRUM – Turkey – July 2017
Lidewij Edelkoort Studio – HeartWear PARIS – June 2017
Livingstone Studio – LONDON May June 2017
Gana Art Center SEOUL – Oct Nov 2016

2015 – 2017 – International Cultural Advisor for Hyundai Card – Seoul

Creation and publishing Trend Reports Magazine – Private magazine for Hyundai Card management team. 8 editions.
(Art, Culture, Design, Architecture, Movies, TV, Dance, Music, Books, Lifestyle, Innovation, Digital Tech, Ideas)
Artistic curator in music, exhibitions and events.

2015 -2016 – Worldwide representation : Kim Jungman artist/photographer

2015 – Exhibition Kim Jungman for ‘Nuit Blanche’ in Cernuschi Museum of Asian Art – with Loo&Lou Foundation – Paris (Oct 3rd / Nov 22th)

2015 – Exhibition Kayip – Video Installation ‘Land of Nowhere’ Loo&Lou Gallery- Paris (Nov 13th 2105 / Feb 22th 2016)

2010 – 2015

AUDIOVISUAL ATTACHE – French Embassy – Seoul, South Korea

Head of the cinema, TV, digital content and new music department. In charge of the cultural relations between France and Korea. Editorial, technical, commercial, institutional and legal (IP) reports and analysis of the latest trends and innovations. Networking, strategic development, partnerships and fundraising.

Financial and communicational support of Korean events and festivals, along with invitations of French artists, creators, producers, thinkers and entrepreneurs. Content creation and production for digital communication. Curation and programming.

Event conception – art direction – programming – production – partnerships

CinéFrance, CinéClub – 2010-2015

Renewal of the mythical French cinema club “Salle Renoir” – a space dedicated to the freedom of speech under the Korean dictatorship of the 70’s and 80’s. Great Korean movie makers of today and the Korean audience were inspired by the French cinema there. Weekly screening of French films with Korean subtitles in Seoul (Art Nine Theater) and Busan (Cinematheque Busan), amounting to 52 films a year. Q&A sessions hosted after each screening.

Partnerships with Louis Quatorze, Wild Bunch, Gaumont, Art Nine, Cinematheque Busan.

“French Night” Busan International Film Festival – 2010-2015

The most festive event of the festival brings together the French delegation and Korean (as well as international) artists and professionals. It aims to celebrate cinema and to award Korean directors and actors for works connected to the French culture. The event is followed by the most popular “French Night Party” with French and Korean DJs.

Partnerships with UniFrance Films, Atout France, Alliance Française Busan, Louis Quatorze, Wild Bunch, Gaumont, Pernod Ricard.

Souvenirs From Earth – 2011

SFE is a French German TV station broadcasting artistic films, art video, photography, design, installation, performances and music 24/7. With more than 1000 artists, SFE injects art into flat screens and gives access to the avant-garde new visual cultures of the 21 century. The TV station is a spiritual heir of Nam June Paik, one of the greatest Korean artists, pioneer of video art and precursor of the use of the TV set as an art form.

Exhibitions, performances, screenings, debates and live broadcasts with guest artists, critics and philosophers during 6 months at the Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul Media Square, Nam June Paik Art Center, Platoon Kunsthalle, Gana Art Gallery.

Partnerships with the French and German Embassies, Institut Français, Goethe Institute, French German Elysée Fund, Louis Quatorze, Samsung.

Trailer : http://vimeo.com/19046001
Livestream : http://www.souvenirsfromearth.tv

Ciné-Danse – 2012

First retrospective in Korea of 70 films on the subject of dance, introducing the history of French contemporary dance from the middle of the 20th century to the present day. Daily screenings during one month, free entrance at Culture Station Seoul 284.

Digitalisation of the films and creation of an automated screening system.

Partnerships with CNC, Arte, Institut Français, Samsung Monitor, Repetto, Media Bean.

Digital Peace – 2013

Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Friendship Treaty signed between France and Germany and the 60th anniversary of the cease-fire between South Korea and North Korea.

Digital Peace was an artistic season with a programme of four events from March to June 2013 in Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul. It presented peace as expressed through the broadest variety of digital art forms, approaches and expressions.

Concerts, performances, screening, conferences, workshops and clubbing brought together French, German, Korean and Japanese projects, artists, DJs, thinkers, designers, schools, institutions, labels and festivals.

Introduction of the new art of Web-Jaying (live remix of website contents with music) and software initiation workshops for Korean artists and students.

Korean premiere of the “all night long screening”, a free event in an urban camping set including breakfast.

Partnerships with the French and German Embassies, Institut Français, Goethe Institute, French German Elysée Fund, Platoon Kunsthalle, Nabi Art Center, Louis Quatorze, EADS, Samsung, Absolut, Asiance, Air France, HSK, Less n Less, Faber-Castell, Souvernirs From Earth, Below, Esteem, Eloquence Magazine.

French Club – 2014-2015

The French Club is a label that supports the new electronic music scene from France and provides digital promotion for the performances. In collaboration with Cakeshop, the edgiest venue in Seoul, with a line-up of the most creative foreign and Korean DJs and producers.

Deleuze : from A to Z – DVD (production) – 2014-2015

The Korean version of the cult eight-hour film showing the great French philosopher Gilles Deleuze doing a lecture about various topics. The Korean premiere of the screening took place in November 2014 at the DDP during the “Korea Tomorrow” exhibition.

France-Korea Year 2015 – 2016

Preparation of the exchange programme for the celebration of the 130 years of diplomatic relations between France and Korea.

Lead and management :

20th Busan International Film Festival with France as honoured guest country – October 2015

Digital Video Platform “French Cast” – culture, tourism, lifestyle, exchanges, coverage of the France Korea Year 2015 – 2016 Immersive Fashion Show, a fashion show shared between Paris and Seoul with human models and hologram rendering.

“Digital French Touch” – The best of digital art and innovation gathered in one exhibition with fablabs, makers, workshops and electronic music events. With curator Anne-Cécile Worms (CEO, ART2M).

2006 – 2010


Transmedia cultural projects production – Partnerships and rights management

100,000 Years of Beauty – Book (production – management – partnerships) 2008-2009

100,000 Years of Beauty presents the human quest for beauty through the ages and civilizations. Contributions from more than 300 authors from 35 countries with a selected and rare iconography were gathered into 5 volumes in the shape of a pyramid.

In collaboration with Dana Ramon Kapelian. Under the direction of Elisabeth Azoulay.

Partnerships with Gallimard, Babylone, L’Oréal Foundation.

Francis Bacon by Francis Giacobetti – Exhibition (production – management) – 2008

Francis Giacobetti recreated Francis Bacon’s work, with Bacon as the subject of his own paintings. The resulting works were the product of a many years of collaboration between the painter and the photographer. The exhibition took place at Kings Place Gallery, London.

In association with Juliette Ménager (Joule Studio, Paris).

Women of the World – by Titouan Lamazou (production – partnerships) – 2006-2007

Popular French artist and photographer Titouan Lamazou presented in Paris a collection of women’s portraits through paintings, drawings, photos and films he made during a worldwide project of 6 years.

A 6-month exhibition at the Musée de l’Homme, which was one of the most successful events of the year.

2 books published by Gallimard.
50×3’ and 2×52’ documentary films created for France Télévisions.

Partnerships with UNESC, Musée de l’Homme, Paris, Gallimard, L’Oréal Foundation, France Télévisions

Private Life of Animals – by Patrick Bouchitey (consulting) – 2006

Consulting and networking for the adaptation and export to foreign markets of this cult and popular French TV programme based on footages of animals dubbed with human voices.

Partnerships with Studio Lavabo, Sony.

2001 – 2005

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR – 121 Productions – Paris, France. In collaboration with Eric Amsellem

TV format, content and technology. Creation of assets and values with rights. Intellectual Property management.

Caméra Café

A camera within a coffee machine in the corridor of a French company portrays the daily life of office workers. Short format TV comedy series. 600 episodes – International distribution in +30 countries. One of the biggest successes in French television in the 00’s. Best prime time audience of M6 TV channel.

From early-stage development to the financing of the writing and contract with the authors.
Rights Management of the company shares in the co-production.

Co-production between 121 Productions, CALT, M6.

Vice Versa

Creation and format production for a patented technology in digital interactive television created by partner Eric Amsellem. Creation of a R&D program labeled and commissioned by RIAM (Government network for audiovisual and new media R&D). Communication and presentation of the product in worldwide TV markets, festivals and conferences.

Partnerships with Canal Plus Technologies, Teamlog, Flextech TV London, RIAM, CNC.

Consulting – strategy – networking for digital television content development

E-City – Amsterdam, San Francisco – with CEO Jerry Myers – Introduction to European market and partnerships.

Capa Agency – Paris – with CEO Hervé Chabalier – Introduction to content production and partnerships.

1998 – 2000

PUBLISHING DIRECTOR – In Visio – Paris, France

Paris office management. Creation and production of interactive multimedia titles.
In collaboration with CEO Jean-Noël Portugal.

Les Exploratoons
 – CD-Rom – interactive cartoon, educative game – production
In collaboration with Alain Sotto, Ubisoft.

Les 3 Petits Cochons
 – CD-Rom – interactive cartoon – creation, direction, production
In collaboration with Michel Jaffrenou and Bernadette Bricout, Le Seuil Multimedia.

Paris Interdit
– Cross-platform game development
In collaboration with Ardissonet Lumières, Canal+ Multimedia.

1991 – 1997


Yves Saint Laurent, 40 Years of Creation – CD-Rom – screenplay (directed by Ayshe Farman Farmaian) – 1996-1997
Yves Saint Laurent interactive biography. Under the supervision of Pierre Bergé.
In collaboration with YSL.

The Collection
 – CD-Rom – screenplay and direction with Ayshe Farman Farmaian and Michel Jaffrenou – 1995-1996
Virtual museum of the Pompidou Centre-Beaubourg – introducing 300 interactive masterpieces and artists in a pioneer museography and art curation.
In collaboration with the National Museum of Modern Art-MNAM, Infogrames.

 – CD-Rom – interactive cartoon – screenplay (directed by Ayshe Farman Farmaian) – 1994-1995
In collaboration with The Voyager Company (USA), Matra Hachette Multimedia (France)

Screenplay development for long and short features, TV
 – 1991-1994

Patrick Bouchitey – Studio Lavabo

Patrick Sobelman – Mathias Ledoux – Ex Nihilo – Agat Films – Canal Plus Antoine de Clermont Tonnerre – Ariane Films

1980 – 1990


Room 8 – Writer – Multimedia book project with Keith Sklar and Emigré Magazine – San Francisco – 1987-1989

American Hawaiian Cruises – Music supervisor and DJ on board SS Liberté – San Francisco, Honolulu, Tahiti – 1986-1987

Revlon Fashion Shows – Artistic Director –– creation, production and stage management – Quito, Ecuador – 1983

Nanda Manachi and Bolivia Manta Tour – production and stage management – Quito, Ecuador – 1983

Club Med – Stage manager
Hurghada / Egypt – St Moritz / Switzerland – Marbella / Spain – Kemer / Turkey – Marrakesh / Morrocco – 1980-1982

DJ sets and residencies – France, Italy, Spain, Ivory Coast, Polynesia, Ecuador, USA – 1980-1990


Ecole des Gobelins – Senior Lecturer – EIDI Master’s in Global Culture and Digital Storytelling – Annecy – 2007-2009

 (Government Network for audiovisual and new media R&D) – Member of the executive board – 2004-2005

National Agency for Research, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Culture, CNC, National Center of Cinema

European Commission
– Multimedia expert – Board of Plan Media 2 – Brussels – 1999

Université Paris 8
– DESS Hypermedia – Associate Professor – Digital Storytelling – 1998- 2005

From classic and linear form of storytelling to new ways to tell in interactive forms.
Eclecticism in culture at the turn of 21st century.

(Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques – French Rights Management Society) – Paris – 1998-2005

Vice President for digital media (2003-2005)
Representative for multimedia content (1998-2002)
Advisor of General Manager Olivier Carmet

Creation and management of Initial Cut – pre-development platform for interactive content with international calls for projects. 17 projects pre-produced and financed in 2 years.

Programming and hosting of the monthly ‘New Media Night’, rendez-vous for the community of creators, producers and followers. Screenings, presentations and debates.

Guest speaker and jury member :

– Interact – Melbourne
– I-Emmys Awards – New York
– FIFA – Annecy
– International Film Festival, Banff
– Siggraph – Los Angeles
– Imagina – Monaco
– IBC – Amsterdam
– Sagas – Frankfurt
– Mobius International Awards – Paris, Athens, Beijing


2014 – 2015

Ascetic remixed – 6 tracks with Korean jazz pianist Francesca Han from her solo piano album ‘Ascetic’
In bed with Pute Deluxe – Cakeshop Seoul – DJ set


Busan International Film Festival – French Night – DJ set


Dior, Anselm Reye Opening – Seoul – Gallery 313 – DJ set

2000 – 2009

Disorder – Exhibition – Atelier 13 – Paris – Music score
Bazaar, Ibiza – Resident DJ – Summer 09
Haute Couture Fashion Show, Maurizio Galante – Paris – Music score
Baccarat Exhibition, Designers Days, Maurizio Galante – Tal Lancman – Music score
Jean-Marie Massaud, Designer of the Year Exhibition – VIA – Paris – Music score
A Second Second Exhibition, Itaï Noï – Tel Aviv Museum – Music score
LP, Jet Lag, Electromana – with Daniel Masson – Buddha Bar Paris – George V Records

Music for the film “Solidarités International” – LION D’OR Award at the Cannes Advertisement Film Festival 2010. Filmed by Les JandJ, produced by Coase Prod & BDDP Fils, Paris.


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