Digital UV latex on semi-matte paper – diasec-mounted 4mm Mitsubishi acrylic
– Size : 260cm x 468cm
– 17 images produced – (3 more images in production for a total of 20) x edition of 8
– Price on demand – contact us


Digging deep into his soul, Jungman Kim seems to have discovered a pulsing vein of the ancient Orient and from the root of his past created a channel of discussion with his ancestors. His East images bring forth a modern reincarnation of the very nature that inspired winter landscapes by Li Cheng of the Song Dynasty or the seasons paintings by Ahn Gyeon during the Joseon Era of the Lee Dynasty.

The remarkable image size of 260cm x 468cm pulls viewers intimately into the details and grey dream-like depths of some mystic dialogue between past and present. It’s all the more relevant that these images were created in the latest large-format photographic engineering with Swiss-made Seitz 6×17 D3 digital scanning camera, nearly every image made from one single photograph interpolated in scale.

Jungman Kim speaks from one era to another, his images reading like letters beyond history to predecessors Li and Ahn and others in which Kim assures them that life here is still full of hardships and struggles, but there will always be hope in the East.



Here is the East.
Hear my ancestors murmur.
Here is my darkness.
Floating through the wind
of the seas, islands, mountains and rivers.
Here are the failures of my life.
Here is my despair,
of broken souls
in scars and tears.

Here, away, I start again.
For seeking the answer of
who I am and what I want.
Still searching
though I haven’t found it yet.
Lost in emptiness,
and sometimes
just happy here,
going into the deep land of the Eternal East.

Kim Jungman
April 2014