Kim Jungman will be participating in a group exhibition held at the Korean Cultural Centre of Budapest, Hungary from 5 May to 28 August 2016.

« Imaging Korea » is a large-scale photo exhibition showing the works of some of the most representative photographers of the country. Through their works, the artists will be showing the essence of Korean documentary photography.

100 masterpieces will be shown, by seven photographers on the following themes :

– KANG Woongu : A history of the Korean people in 1970-80
– KWON Taegyun : People and sceneries in 1980-90
– KIM Jungman : The rediscovery of Korea
– PARK Jongwoo : The DMZ (Demilitarised Zone). Korea, the only divided nation in the world
– CHO Daeyeon : Korean images of Buddhism and architecture
– LEE Gapchul : A personal reinterpretation of the Korean people
– SEO Heunkang : ‘A Faint Trembling of the Landscape’