OMA is an artist and designer from Korea, who founded her clothing and textiles studio in 2010 after having worked with Alexander Mc Queen in London.

Her very special work cleverly weaves the skills of traditional craftmanship with an understated contemporary design.

OMA shows another aspect of fashion and design, one that embodies a distinct philosophy incarnated by respect for traditional handcrafts and the environment.

Thus, she only creates a small range of bespoke pieces that are delivered through partnerships with local artisans primarily based in Asia.

Her design is textile-led, its appeal lying in the subtlety of the texture, a timeless aesthetic and materials of lasting quality.

High-end ethical global fashion and design are set for steady growth, as discerning consumers become more demanding regarding the sustainability and the rarity of what they wear and collect.

From clothes and home interior items to contemporary design pieces , OMA works with natural fibers such as raw hemp, silk and hand spun cotton, and with natural practices as hand weaving and dyeing.


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