Digital pigment print – Korean hanji (rice paper)
– Size : 212cm x 115cm
– 80 images x edition of 5
– Price on demand – contact us


Excerpt from Christian Caujolle’s critique about the series

For nine years, on the small road one and a half kilometers to his studio at the edge of Seoul, Jungman Kim took thousands of black and white photos… One recalls an Asian painting tradition of constructing space, using white as space punctuated by signs which intermingle, one experiences a kind of silence marked by strident interventions, and you are invited to contemplate.

Often the most authentic photographers find in the physical world a correspondence with their inner preoccupations, their mental universe, their dreams and nightmares. The trees on the small nameless street have captured the imagination of the photographer and caused him to produce thousands of photos. They speak to us of a slow world disaster, a predicted and constant suicide, of a society incapable of preserving a natural cycle, which provides for its very existence.

I do not seek to know through which gap or internal cut could correspond to these trees in danger. They certainly are related to a wounded conscience of the world, perhaps to something more intimate which has not to be revealed.

Christian Caujolle, January – April 2013
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